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2012- NC700 Street Bodywork
2012-2014 NC700X Street Bodywork
The NC700 is a new design concept from Honda motors, providing commuters and touring enthusiasts with a high tech design and advanced engineering concepts. Magical Racing is very proud to introduce a range of bodywork for this recent addition to Honda line-up.
Visor Screen with CFRP Trim ( 120mm Long )
Enhance the looks,weather protection and performance of the NC700 with the newly developed visor screen. The highest quality screen available. Tough new generation supercoat finish, as well as in smoked and clear finishes.
Magical Racing screens comply to all Japanese traffic regulations regarding visibility and safety.
Regular Carbon / Clear $ 270 USD
Regular Carbon / Smoke $ 280 USD
Regular Carbon / Super Coat $ 370 USD
Twill Carbon / Clear $ 280 USD
Twill Carbon / Smoke $ 290 USD
Twill Carbon / Super Coat $ 380 USD
Knuckle Protector
Protect your master cylinders as well as your hands with these tough and light carbon hand guards.Sold as a set.
Regular Carbon $ 190 USD
Twill Carbon $ 199 USD
NK-1 Mirrors ( Elbow Super Long Stem )
Type-6 Head / Black Stem
Type-1 Head
Type-2 Head
Type-3 Head
Type-4 Head
Type-5 Head
Type-6 Head
Magical Racing's legendary carbon mirrors are now available in the new type 6 shape / NK 1 version, for use with handlebar equipped mirror mounts.
Regular Carbon / Type-1 Head $ 399 USD
Regular Carbon / Type-2 Head $ 399 USD
Regular Carbon / Type-3 Head $ 399 USD
Regular Carbon / Type-4 Head $ 399 USD
Regular Carbon / Type-5 Head $ 399 USD
Regular Carbon / Type-6 Head $ 399 USD
Twill Carbon / Type-1 Head $ 410 USD
Twill Carbon / Type-2 Head $ 410 USD
Twill Carbon / Type-3 Head $ 410 USD
Twill Carbon / Type-4 Head $ 410 USD
Twill Carbon / Type-5 Head $ 410 USD
Twill Carbon / Type-6 Head $ 410 USD
Alumitex / Type-1 Head $ 410 USD
Alumitex / Type-2 Head $ 410 USD
Alumitex / Type-3 Head $ 410 USD
Alumitex / Type-4 Head $ 410 USD
Alumitex / Type-5 Head $ 410 USD
Alumitex / Type-6 Head $ 410 USD
Head Type
Fenderless Kit
This beautifully crafted fenderless kit will replace the ungainly stock unit, as well as lowering the total weight of your bike and perfect the already incredible styling! Please tell us your license plate mounting holes and we can custom make the fenderless for your countries license plate regulations!
Black FRP $ 170 USD
Reflector Kit
For use with the fenderless kit. Press molded carbon reflector kit
Regular Carbon $ 49 USD
Twill Carbon $ 55 USD
Front fender
Beautifully crafted and finished carbon fender!lightweight and strong fender in both Twill (shown) and regular weave carbon. Perfect fit and finish.
Regular Carbon $ 199 USD
Twill Carbon $ 210 USD
Rear Fender with Chain Guard
Beautifully crafted and finished carbon rear fender with incorporated chain guard!Comes with all hardware. Very lightweight and strong fender in both Twill ( shown ) and regular weave carbon.
Regular Carbon $ 250 USD
Twill Carbon $ 270 USD
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