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2014- Z1000
The 2014 refines the Ninja naked street machine concept, with newly formed "Sugomi" styling, ABS and an upgraded power package.
Visor Screen FRP Black with Part CFRP Trim
Magical Racing's incredible visor screen for the 2014 Z1000, adds aerodynamic benefits, as well as styling, wind resistance and protection from the elements!
Regular Carbon / Clear $ 289 USD
Regular Carbon / Smoke $ 299 USD
Regular Carbon / Super Coat $ 420 USD
Twill Carbon / Clear $ 299 USD
Twill Carbon / Smoke $ 310 USD
Twill Carbon / Super Coat $ 440 USD
NK-1 Mirrors / Elbow Super Long Stem
Type 1 Head
Type 2 Head
Type 3 Head
Type 4 Head
Type 5 Head
Type 6 Head
Exra long stem for those with wide sholders.
Plain Carbon / US$399
Head Type
Twill Carbon / US$410
Head Type
Alumitex / US$410
Head Type
Meter unit cover / Short
Protect your dash, as well as added styling benefits! Available in twill or regular weave carbon.
Regular Carbon $ 65 USD
Twill Carbon $ 69 USD
Meter unit cover / Long
For use with the Magical Racing visor cow l ( can use without screen, but OEM marker lamp will need to be removed ) Available in twill or regular weave carbon.
Regular Carbon $ 65 USD
Twill Carbon $ 69 USD
Extended Tank End Cover
This 2 piece monocoque design adds extra area to the tank end, to allow for better feel and control when hanging off.
Regular Carbon $ 199 USD
Twill Carbon $ 210 USD
Tank Side Pad ( Sold as a pair )
Beautifully crafted carbon tank side covers (attachment tape supplied)
Regular Carbon $ 85 USD
Twill Carbon $ 89 USD
Frame Guard ( Sold as a pair )
Protect your frame, as well as providing heat protection and added styling!
Regular Carbon $ 379 USD
Twill Carbon $ 389 USD
Fenderless kit
Aggressively styled fender kit for the 2014 Z1000! For use with OEM indicators.
Black FRP $ 139 USD
Meter Cover
Now printing
The now legendary Magical Racing meter cover is now available for the 2014 Z1000!
Regular Carbon $ 99 USD
Twill Carbon $ 99 USD
Alumitex $ 99 USD
Throttle Cover ( 2010- model )
Protects the injector unit, as well as an added styling benefit!
Regular Carbon $ 59 USD
Twill Carbon $ 65 USD
Front Fender with Fork Guards
Beautifully styled front fender with incorporated fork guards.
Regular Carbon $ 269 USD
Twill Carbon $ 279 USD
Rear Fender (Chain Guard NOT included) (2010- Model)
Beautifully styled rear fender!
Regular Carbon $ 249 USD
Twill Carbon $ 259 USD
Chain Guard
For use with the OEM and Magical Racing rear fender!
Regular Carbon $ 119 USD
Twill Carbon $ 129 USD
Under Cowl
Beautifully styled, very strongly constructed under cowl!
White FRP $ 310 USD
Black FRP $ 310 USD
Regular Carbon $ 410 USD
Twill Carbon $ 420 USD
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