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2015- S1000RR
3rd gen S1000RR has been upgraded with more aggressive styling, all-new frame, and tons of electronic. Magical Racing is very proud to introduce bodywork for this redesigned new machine!
Screen with CFRP Trim
Enhance the performance and look of the S1000RR with Magical Racings screen with carbon trim. The highest quality screen available.
Tough new generation supercoat finish, as well as in smoked and clear finishes.
Magical Racing screens comply to all Japanese traffic regulations regarding visability and safety.
Carbon trim allows for complex contouring,light weight as well as superb styling.
Regular Carbon / Clear $ 310 USD
Regular Carbon / Smoke $ 320 USD
Regular Carbon / Super Coat $ 460 USD
Twill Carbon / Clear $ 320 USD
Twill Carbon / Smoke $ 330 USD
Twill Carbon / Super Coat $ 470 USD
Front Fender with Fork Guards Type2 for 2010 to 2015 Model
Can be fitted on 2010 to 2015 models.
Extremely tough, and built to last many riding seasons to come! With built in fork guards for added aerodynamic effect at high speeds, as well as protecting your front fork tubes
Regular Carbon $ 299 USD
Twill Carbon $ 319 USD
Rear Fender for 2012 to 2015 Model
Can be fitted on 2012 to 2015 models.
Beautifully styled fear fender comes with integrated chain guards.
Regular Carbon $ 299 USD
Twill Carbon $ 319 USD
Under Cowl
Beautifully styled, very strongly constructed under cowl!
Available in both FRP and carbon.
White FRP $ 400 USD
Black FRP $ 400 USD
Regular Carbon $ 570 USD
Twill Carbon $ 590 USD
Extended Tank End Cover
This 2 piece monologue design adds extra area to the tank end, to allow for better feel and control when hanging off.
Available in Twill or Regular weave carbon.
Regular Carbon $ 210 USD
Twill Carbon $ 220 USD
Fenderless Kit
Providing sharp look rear end of your S1000RR. Kit comes with carbon license plate holder and LED number plate light.
Very lightweight and superbly crafted!
Please note that holes must be drilled for your countries license plate positon.
Black FRP $ 230 USD
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