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97- CBR1000XX
Since its introduction in 1997, the groundbreaking Honda Blackbird has continued Honda's commitment to developing the finest and fastest roadbikes available. And Hondas commitment to continued evolution, the CBR1100XX is as sharp today as it was when it was released.
Magical Racings composite add-ons for this superb bike has developed alongside the Blackbird, and we are proud to bring you our fine range of carbon parts for this hyperbike!
From Magical Racing and Moto-Works.jp
Screen with CFRP Trim
By far the finest screen available for the SUPER BLACKBIRD.
This screen is very special to Magical Racing, as this bike was the first ever to introduce the CFRP screen. Beautifully constructed and finished, Fom Magical Racing and Moto-Works.jp
Regular Carbon / Clear $ 189 USD
Regular Carbon / Smoke $ 199 USD
Regular Carbon / Super Coat $ 299 USD
Twill Carbon / Clear $ 199 USD
Twill Carbon / Smoke $ 219 USD
Twill Carbon / Super Coat $ 325 USD
Front Fender ( STD TYPE )
Enhancing Hondas design, allowing for improved aerodynamics and a lighter, more contoured modern look, this carbon front fender from Magical Racing lowers unsprung weight as well as improving your bikes style and image.
Regular Carbon $ 269 USD
Twill Carbon $ 279 USD
Front Fender ( Special TYPE )
The highest engineered and constructed fender available.
Lipped front edge design gives durability against stone damage.
OEM styled front fender for the CBR1100XX.
Light weight makes for less unsprung weight. Perfect fit and finish.
From Magical Racing and Moto-Works.jp
Regular Carbon $ 300 USD
Twill Carbon $ 320 USD
Radiator Cover
Added aerodynamics and styling benefits with this radiator guard.
perfect construction and fit.
Please note-radiator cover will only fit with magical racing upper side cowl lip. Will not fit with oem or other fairings.
Regular Carbon $ 199 USD
Twill Carbon $ 219 USD
Upper Side cowl Lip ( 97- 99 Model )
Finish your Honda masterpiece with these carbon add ons. Perfect fit and construction, as well as superb styling.
From Magical Racing and Motor-Works.jp
Regular Carbon $ 325 USD
Twill Carbon $ 345 USD
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