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2014 H2
Magical Racing H2 Bodyworks!
Screen with CFRP Trim
Enhance the performance and look with Magical Racings screen with carbon trim. The highest quality screen available. Tough new generation supercoat finish, as well as in smoked and clear finishes. Magical Racing screens comply to all Japanese traffic regulations regarding visibility and safety. Carbon trim allows for complex contouring, light weight as well as superb styling, and the acrylic screen provides the finest clarity, noise reduction and added control that only these incredible screens have. Demand the best. Magical Racing Screen with carbon Trim.
Regular Carbon / Clear $ 259 USD
Regular Carbon / Smoke $ 269 USD
Regular Carbon / Super Coat $ 405 USD
Twill Carbon / Clear $ 269 USD
Twill Carbon / Smoke $ 279 USD
Twill Carbon / Super Coat $ 415 USD
temporarily unavailable
Front Fender with Integrated Fork Guard
Regular Carbon $ 260 USD
Twill Carbon $ 270 USD
temporarily unavailable
Rear Fender
Regular Carbon $ 350 USD
Twill Carbon $ 370 USD
temporarily unavailable
Tank Extender
Regular Carbon $ 190 USD
Twill Carbon $ 200 USD
temporarily unavailable
Cowl Inner Panel ( Left and Right Set )
Regular Carbon $ 340 USD
Twill Carbon $ 350 USD
temporarily unavailable
Tank Side Cover ( Left and Right Set )
Regular Carbon $ 170 USD
Twill Carbon $ 180 USD
temporarily unavailable
Under Cowl Tray ( Fits on 2014 to 2016 Model )
Designed to catch leaking engine oil.
Fitting is tested on stock exhaust system.
We recommend to use heat shield blanket in order to avoid heat deterioration.
Regular Carbon $ 470 USD
Twill Carbon $ 480 USD
temporarily unavailable
Fender Eliminator Kit
Comes with License Plate Lights
Regular Carbon $ 270 USD
Twill Carbon $ 280 USD
temporarily unavailable
Tail Reflector
For those countries with strict regulations
Regular Carbon $ 46 USD
Twill Carbon $ 48 USD
temporarily unavailable
Exhaust Hanger
Bolt Color: Leaf Green
8mm Bolt x 1
8mm Flange Nut x1
8mm x 15mm Flanged Hex head Bolt x 3
Regular Carbon $ 269 USD
Twill Carbon $ 279 USD
temporarily unavailable
Air Intake Duct
Regular Carbon $ 370 USD
Twill Carbon $ 380 USD
temporarily unavailable
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