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OGK FF5V is the new type of well know FF5 with improved aero dynamics tuning. And now, FF5V has passed one of the strictest certification of SNELL M2010. FF5V helmet adopt same inner shell shape as FF5 but different composite layer construction, and achieving one of the lightest SNELL approved helmet. And also obtained MFJ-FIM approval for race use.
Visor is redesigned to attach the newly developed PINLOCK visor sheet to achieve better view through the visor in the rain condition and in winter time. This PINLOCK visor sheet can be installed on FF5 helmet with new SAF-P visor.
PINLOCK visor sheet
Installed over the SAF-P visor to minimize the visor misting in the rain condition and in winter season by equalizing the temperature differences between inside the helmet and outside atmosphere. PINLOCK visor sheet is included in with the helmet.
SAF-P visor
SAF-P visor utilizes PINLOCK visor sheet holder posts for installation of PINLOCK visor sheet.
COOLMAX quick dry Interior Fabrics
Cool Max is used for the interior fabrics to allow quick evaporation of sweat and brings cool, comfortable use. Cool Max allow moisture to discharge to the outside and takes in cool, dry, and fresh air. Cool Max is the registered trade name of INVISTA.
Ventilation at the back of the head creates a smooth flow of air, and stuffy air inside the helmet is absorbed into the outside.  This ventilation system is redesigned for FF5V achieving the ventilation more effectively.
High Strength Composite Shell (SNELL M2010 Certified)
Advanced Composite Technology, A.C.T, is the technology employed to develop lightest yet highest strength inner shell by utilizing hyper glass fiber and organic fibers in order to pass most strict safety standard of SNALL M2010.
Wake Stabilizer
Kabuto's patented system controls airflow around the helmet while riding and decreases the road. Lomg time studies and wind tunnel experiments improved our own technology (PAT No. 4311691)
Tri Composite Construction (Carbon/Kevlar/Fibreglass)
Soft Removeable/washable liner
New Super Quick Release 'Podless' Visor mechanism
Anti Buffetting rear stabilizer wing incorporating Aero ventilation system.
Anti Flap Chin Strap retainer
Weight 1570 gram (Size:L with shield)
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The FF-5 carries the Japanese SG safety standard(highest in the world)and also carries the MFJ standard (Motorcycle federation of Japan) which is a race standard that only the highest quality riding gear carries (for example RS Taichi and Kushitani leathers)
The FF-5 also carries the FIM standard,which means this helmet is approved for World Superbike and Moto GP racing as well as all FIM approved events.
Size Chart
55-56cm 57-58cm 59-60cm 61-62cm 63-64cm
Royal Gunmetal
Flat Black
Certifications: SNELL M2010, MFJ, SG
Included Parts
  • Light Smoke Screen
  • PINLOCK Visor Sheet
  • Breath Guard No.3
  • Wind Shutte
White $ 378 USD
Royal Gunmetal $ 378 USD
Black $ 378 USD
Flat Black $ 378 USD
Flat Black
Flat Black ( Rear View )
Certifications: SNELL M2010, MFJ, SG
Included Parts
  • Light Smoke Screen
  • PINLOCK Visor Sheet
  • Breath Guard No.3
  • Wind Shutter
Flat Black $ 429 USD
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