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Magical Racing Screen with CFRP trim
The highest grade screen in the industry has also been the choice of the best race teams,and not just because of Magical Racing's incredible styling and build quality. Only the finest zero-distortion acrylic is used in the construction,and the process of shaping is also special. Magical Racing uses a bubble mold to shape the screen (unlike other makers which use the press mold technique) Utilitizing the bubble mold method allows for much finer clarity and structual benefits (the acrylic doesn't actually touch the mold, so no loss of integrity etc)
The beautiful Carbon trim was born out of necessity,not just for asthetic reasons. A leading Japanese race team asked Magical Racing to design a screen for their race bike.Using just clear acrylic proved impossible, as the angles etc were too acute and sharp for the screen plastic. So the idea of using carbon was born (which can be formed into much thinner more complex angles) These screens will change your whole concept of high speed riding.Experience the finest control, comfort and lowered noise.
MV Agusta
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