Can I pay with my Credit Card? If i can, how?
Yes, you can pay with your credit card through Paypal system.
moto-works.jp's shopping cart is based on Paypal system, which includes the credit card payment service.
For detail, please refer to:
>> How to pay with Credit Card (Screen Shots)
I would love to buy Magical Racing's products,but shipping must be expensive from Japan.Is that correct?
Shipping via express tracked airmail from Japan is very reasonable, and we include insurance for free!Of course we are located in Japan so shipping expenses are something we cannot change.
Can I purchase items from Magical Racing not listed on the Moto-Works site?
Generally we are just selling items only listed on the Moto-Works site, but if there is something special from theJapanese only Magical Racing site you want generally we can accomodate you.
I'd love to purchase some Magical Racing's Race only bodywork. Can i do that?
Shipping costs are the main factor.Japanese EMS is very reasonably priced,until large sizescome into question, then its just too expensive (for example for full fairing sized boxes )
I have just ordered from your online shop.When can i expect my item to be shipped to me?
If the ordered item is in stock, expect in a few days.But Magical Racing ( especially for larger items such as fenders etc ) prefers to make on a per order basis.
This means the carbon work is as fresh etc as possible, and please remember, Magical Racing's products are all totally made by hand. It is a labour intensive and complex process, conducted by skilled artisans whoare extremely proud of their handywork.
Every Magical Racing product leaves the factory as perfected as possible. This process is time consuming,and expect about 2 weeks to 1 month ( or more ) for the hand crafted product to be ready to ship ( RR mirrors are in stock at Magical Racing, but the aero mirrors are custom order )
Do I have to pay import duty on Magical Products shipped from Japan?
Some countries ( like the United States ) are very free on this issue. Each county has its own regulations concerning import tax etc.
We will try to work with customers to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved.
Can I return or exchange products?
Since all ites are made to order, please choose carefully.
if there is a defect etc we will gladly replace the item, for for regular orders we cannot accept returns or exchanges, so again pease carefully choose your item.
Do you offer large order discounts or group purchases?
At the moment with the extreme strength of the yen it is impossible to provide this (as our prices already incorporate a 25% discount over the Japanese list price! )
Ive had an accident and need some spare parts for my RR mirrors and Carbon trim screen.
Can I get spare parts?
We carry all spare parts down to the last bolt for these and all Magical Racings products.
What is the 5% tax shown in checkout?
We are not the manufacturer, so the Japanese consumption tax needs to be paid. The simplest way for that is it to be incorporated into the paypal checkout system.
Please understand with the yen's value ( we purchase in Yen and sell in US dollars ) you are getting great deals on these products!
Do you include traces when you ship?
Yes for all order!
You can keep track of your purchase at all times, from here in Japan to your doorstep.
What is the difference between twill and regular carbon?
Both have similar qualities in strength and weight, just the twill is a more complex weave, giving a deeper wider look.
Twill is also better for curved layout, giving a more uniformed look with less visual distortion.
How do I look after carbon fibre?
Please use regular motorcycle or household cleaners and polishers.
The finish is very strong, and will look new even after many years of hard use and abuse.
I have a question, how do i contact you?
Please contact us about anything related to Moto-works.
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